Pál Csárda

Welcome in Pál Csarda!


On One o the most beautiful places at lake Balaton, on the peninsula Tihany, close to the echo Hill and across the Calvary.

Pál Csarda is a family buisness for 40 years. It's an original Hungarian feeling with traditional dishes, balatoni fish soup and the very delicious fish selection, our family rich, plate, etc.

We are waiting for our guest with our famous Hungarian wine selection. The brilliant nature garden has got a capacity of 140. Inside, you get the traditional oldfashion Hungarian atmosphere where here are seat for 40 people.


The Pál family and employees will be waiting for our regular and new costumers. We accept credit cards.

Tel.: (87) 448 605 | Mobil: (20) 572 3669


About Us

wayside several decades ago, back. Grandparent in April 1970 opened the doors to Pál Csárda.

They work in harmony, the expertise and the hospitality was characterized. The visiting guests to unwind at pihenhették and hűsölhettek the garden, chestnut and walnut shade of a family atmosphere. My grandfather is very good with a butcher meats, Our Grandmother was a good taste in your mouth, so you successfully received the guests on their feet, who are able to do from time to time when they turned to Pál Csárda if you were in Tihany.

our father as a cook in the service of the guests to the reception and busied himself, and in 1984 took over the business and continue with our mother was a tavern. The concept did not want to change, but the major concern was the euphemism, innovation and modernization. All this money and energy spent. Then in 1989 the building was completely renovated and a beer garden. At the time he was 6 years old in the Kurucz blood vine that my father planted the middle of the garden, with the intention that over time the whole garden with run with it.

our mother inception of the kitchen was the main driving spring. Has always been very important for the clarity, quality, and freshness. His time in the morning regretting the day he cooks the meals ready.

already infiltrated the inn as a child's bloodstream. For our part, there was no question that we should continue this. Our main goal is to preserve our generation's folk character, quality, and with Pál, Increase the inn's reputation.



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For more information call us or send us an e-mail.


40 years old Csarda

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The MKB Veszprém handball team in Pál Csárdában.

Panoráma kép

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